Expertise, experience and creativity

The R & D activities play a role of excellence within FILP company’s mission.
The R & D team of FILP is able to develop, working in synergy with the client, the technical solutions required for the production of composite materials.

The working group has a well-equipped chemical-mechanical-electrical laboratory. The wide range of manufactured products and diversification across market fields, are a clear confirmation of the high commitment and creativity that characterize the R & D team of FILP. A team dedicated to the study of technological innovations aimed to improve products, create new manufacturing processes or improve the already existing ones.

The quality controls for development

The control of the chemical composition of the products is made with the aid of instruments such as FTIR spectrophotometer, calorimeter, viscometer and other devices suitable to check the constancy of the quality of the purchased materials. Then there are control instruments on production lines and tools for the mechanical and dielectric verifications on the final composite products.

From the entry of raw material to the finished product, there are more than 20 control steps. The monitoring procedures are supported by six-sigma statistical techniques ensuring greater confidence in the achievement of the required quality standards.

FILP R&D and customer: a team

The “problem solving” capability is one of the strong point of the company. The development phase is carried out in close contact with the customer. FILP offers itself to customers as a partner for the development of solutions to customer needs.

10% of human resources in the company are involved in R & D. For FILP this department has a strategic importance which is also underlined, every year, by the allocation of a significant share of its turnover.