Strategy and constant evolution: the competitive strength of FILP
The strategic choice of FILP today, in an increasingly dynamic and constantly evolving market, is aimed to individuate solutions which satisfy customers’ requirements fulfilling their specific needs. This is possible thanks to a team of qualified technicians.
This constitutes, together with the acquired know-how, the competitive force of the company: the ability of “problem solving” necessary to always find the right solution.

What makes us special?

Product and process quality Our laboratory applies a strict and continuous control system, constantly performing tests to ensure that international standards of quality are complied.
FILP is certified ISO 9001, and their staff has got two green belts specialized in lean production and Six Sigma.

Environmentally friendly business The care for the environment is one of the company values: it belongs to every single phase of production (photovoltaic plant, thermal energy recovery, process water recovery).

Customization and flexibility We have matched our facilities and our process to market needs to be ready to meet the requirements of our customers.
Part of our production is sold as tubes and sheets, suitable for further processing; but the added value of FILP is the development, design and production of custom made composite materials.

Advanced CNC machining We use the latest technology for the manufacturing of finished parts according to customer drawings.
Our highly qualified staff is able to process our tubes and sheets and transform them into any component ready to be assembled.

Supply program From standard products available at stock to custom made products based on customer specifications.

Mode of Supply From individual pieces to complete customized kits tailored to the production flow of the customer.