Dear customer,
We are glad to inform you the start-up of a brand-new site, close to FILP HQ, specialized in the production of tubes and cylinders up to 2100 mm.
The new plant is located on a 10.000 square meters area and has been successfully entered into operation since July 2019. It consists of an advanced production system with latest machines and a new logistic service. The project has been carried out to give our clients a better service by improving delivery times, efficiency and production capability.
Moreover, a new location close to our HQ has been selected to replace the historical facility in Zane (Vicenza) and to improve the coordination with our HQ, increasing considerably the productivity.
We also believe our clients always deserve the best possible service, nevertheless we do recognize that in the last period we have not always guaranteed it, so we wish to thank all of you for your patience and please accept our apologizes for any inconvenient we may have caused.
Now we would like to inform you that lead times of tubes are back to 3-4 weeks period and we invite you to send us any requests to check our new proposals.
Let your business grow with us!

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