Quality at the highest levels of the market:

In FILP quality is a word rich in meaning, it is a witness of commitment to a continuous development oriented to market needs. This allows our Company to be a representative of Made in Italy able to export all over the world.
There is an “official” quality, stated by the certifications we obtained (ISO 9001 - Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt - Product certification).
There is a “perceived” quality related to every product/service which is stated by customer satisfaction.

Lean management:
Thanks to a constant policy of personnel training, team working and change management, in FILP a team of people has evolved through the methods of the Lean Production; this staff critically analyze the company’s production flows ensuring greater flexibility to serve customer in the best possible way, in terms of quality, time and cost.
Continuous investments in technology and R&D:
Innovation is a theme involving all company structures: there is innovation in materials, in chemical, in manufacturing processes.
Know how: from raw materials (resins and reinforcements) to the finished product (CNC machining).
Great care: the production philosophy is based on a logic of economically and ecologically sustainable activity: photovoltaic plant, thermal energy recovery from the exhausts, cooling water recovery in the production process.
Customization and flexibility